Tuesday, August 16, 2005

An amateurish piece of crap

Normally, I don't review movies very often, but when I rent one that is a god-awful piece of crap, I feel obligated to warn people against (if I ever rent something that is unexpectedly great, I'll probably review that too). Anyway, this past weekend,
I rented several movies, one of which was Dead Life.

This is the most amateurish movie I have ever seen. The acting ranged from horrible to mediocre. The film seemed to have been shot on an old-fashioned home-movie camera, by someone who'd never held a camera before. The sound was so bad in spots that the dialogue was indecipherable. The lighting was poor, as there were several scenes where it was either too dark or too light to see properly. The writing was just horrible, with a nonsensical plot and dialogue that sounds like it was written by a high school student. Don't think that the movie was completely terrible, they seem to have actually spent some money on the gore make up. Unfortunately, that was the only thing they seem to have put any money or effort into.

Stay away from this movie. I give it 1 yo-yos.

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