Sunday, September 04, 2005

An Omnibus That's Just Okay

For once, I’m not exactly sure what to say about a book. I did actually like Peter Morwood’s The Book of Years, Volume One , but I didn’t think it was all that great. It is another omnibus edition, containing two novels.

I think there’s something about the style that I found rather ponderous. It’s not exactly poorly written, but somehow it just didn’t sustain my interest enough to make it an easy read. Not that it was actually boring, because it does have lots of action and adventure at spots. Unfortunately, the writer seems to spend too much time building up to the action. For example, the second novel in the book begins with a hunt for a werewolf, but the battle doesn’t happen for about 100 pages.

The main character, Aldric, is fairly interesting. In the first novel, we see him go from a reckless youth to a warrior bent on vengeance. Unfortunately, he doesn’t really develop any further as a character in the second novel; he just spends his time being an almost cold-blooded killer. Really, it made the second novel rather disappointing.

Overall, I would rate this book as above average, but not by much. So, I’ll give it 3.5 yo-yos.

Up next, I’ll be reading a book that wasn’t on my old list: Rakkety Tam by Brian Jacques. I love the Redwall series, and since I knew it was coming to paperback in September, I ran out to buy it. While I was at it, I also got Necroscope Three: The Source, by Brian Lumley, and Smoke And Mirrors, by Neil Gaiman.

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