Sunday, July 03, 2005

Adventure Quest

Today, as I’m well ahead of schedule on my “update-once-a-week plan,” I’ve decided to write a quick review for the “other stuff I like.” In this case, an online game, and not even one you have to buy. That’s right, this is a free game.

The game is called Adventure Quest (I‘ve put a link in here, but if Google puts an AQ banner at the top of the page, please click there instead). AQ is a role playing game. You are an adventurer in the land of Lore, operating out of the town of Battleon. Your mission is to go out and kill the rampaging hoards of monsters. Sounds simple, doesn’t it?

Actually, the gameplay is pretty simple, but it’s addictive. You can spend hours a day fighting the weird monsters, doing quests, and just having fun. You can become a vampire, werewolf, or werepyre. You can train as a fighter, mage, ninja, rogue, dragon slayer, or vampire slayer (with more classes coming soon). You can take part in wars and special events. You can collect rare armors, weapons, spells, and pets. There is quite a lot to do.

Unfortunately, not everything in Adventure Quest is perfect. There is no PvP, and there never will be, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, since PvP often equals “experienced player kill newbies for fun.” Also, since the game is free, and server space costs an arm and a leg, there are only a limited number of free slots. New players can bypass this, because when you make a new account you get a certain number of free logins. Once those are used up, it can take hours to get in, unless you become a guardian.

Guardians are players who have paid a one-time donation (currently $14.95) to help support the game. In exchange, they can log on anytime. In addition, they can fully access the game. Guardians can fully level up in all classes (non-guardians can only go halfway). Guardians can get special temporary items to help them during battle. Guardians get special permanent items when the sign up, like the Ultra Guardian Plate and the Guardian Sword (which can be upgraded to the mighty Blade of Awe by collecting chests). All in all, guardianship is well worth the price if you like RPGs.

Besides the game, Adventure Quest also has very good forums. It has, what I have been told, are very nice RPG forums (I don’t use them much myself). The main forums are full of interesting people, like the thief Magicdog, the joking Grand Councilor Skyboy, or the deranged mod Vephoma. Just be sure to read the rules before posting, because quite a lot of people will jump down your throat if you spam, flame, ask questions in the GGD forum (hint: try the Questions and Answers forum instead), or complain about the server cap. Oh yeah, and never, ever, ask someone to make you a guardian.

I give Adventure Quest 4.5 yo-yos.

Note 10/06/06: I stopped playing this game several months ago. Also this page is by now hopelessly out of date about the games features. To the people who leave comments: I don't work for AQ or know anyone who does, so I can't help you with the game.


Anonymous said...

I have a friend that is fan of this game but he dont have the money to upgrade his account i ask to your help..maybe you have a firend in the staff that can make an exception for a poor guy like him, he actually share the computer whit his brothers and also i share this mail account whit him...whatever is your desition i only want to send to you what he wrote.. Read it and then decide please:

Well i check the adventure quest forum recently and i saw that many of the players that are actually guardians keep donate to the game ..and
that´s great! But I dont want to sound so sellfish but i am form
argentina and for me 15 dollars is a lot of money and y do not have
that much...besides is more than 15 dollars because of taxes or things
like that...I know what you are thinkin...he´s got a coputer and he
say that he cannot pay for become a guardian..well i share this
coimputer whit all my brothers and also i share my account whit
them...we have fun whit this game...but can only play just a little
time bacuse of the restriction for free players like me... I only want
to ask if someone will be so kind to upgrade our account and player in
instead of keep donating to the game..i mean you still are donating
and also you wil be helping a guys like us to have more fun...thanks a
lot for the time that you spendt to read this
.If anyone wants to make a gift i really appreciate the account name
is neogus and that´s also the character name (neogus)....bye
Como prueba de que no miento estoy escrbiendo en castellano para que sepan que soy argentino en serio..y de paso aprovecho para disculparme
por mi esritura no se mucho inglÃ(c)s.. Tambien quiero decir que me
encanta este juego y por eso lo juego y lo idolatro.

A kid whos addicted to AQ said...

i love dis game im level 27 and im having trouble but o well

Anonymous said...

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works well hope you enjoy.

Anonymous said...

well i'm from central america so i'll write some instructions for you to use in spanish:

bueno soy el que escribio lo anterior

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si invitas amigos ganas por los ads que navegan ellos esto no significa que ellos no ganan, ellos siempre hganan lo mismo pero tu ganas cuando ellos ganan.

asegurate de solo usar una cuenta de esa pagina por computadora.

Anonymous said...


Mr.Nathan my friend at my school keeps bugging me to make him a guardian in adventure quest I tell him I don't have enough money and his birthday is coming can you get me out of this situation I don't want to make him sad

Yoyogod said...

Look, I don't work for AQ, so I can't get your friend a free guardianship. I don't have much money myself, so I ain't gonna buy one. If you want advice on turning your friend down gracefully, try asking Dear Abby.

Ragnarok said...

Sup I'v been playing AQ for 2,5 years and have a lvl 117 PureMage that totaly owns.

Now I'v been dieing to become a guardian but Im only 16 and my parents died when I was 6 in a car accident :(

I'v tried everything else and I can't get a credit card untill im 18.

If anyone of you older people do charity it would be awesome if you got 25 bucks to spare and buy me a Gift Certificate

If you have a guard account you'll get 500 Z-tokens as well

Mail me the Gift Code at

Thanks :)

Anonymous said...

lol yeah right! "My parents died phrase" wont help u at all lol but nice try and anyway who cares if ure parents did die ure probably a hobo or some rich guy beggingm for guardianship.
IF u want a guardian account by one ureself!