Saturday, July 16, 2005

A very, very bad movie...

Okay, before I write about the new Harry Potter book, I'd like to warn you about a very bad movie I had the misfortune to rent called Shadows of the Dead. I was lulled in by the summary on the back:

"A couple's weekend getaway turns into a nightmare after they are stranded in the woods and discover what they assume to be a dead body. The assumption is wrong and John (Jonathan Flanigan) and his girlfriend Jennifer (Beverly Hynds) are infected with a deadly disease that will soon ravage their bodies. With no place to go, and no one to turn to, they are forced to find shelter in a deserted cabin. This is where they'll find safety, but this is also where they'll experience a slow and torturous death. They must come to terms with their inevitable deaths, the temptation to kill others to sustain their own lives, and the consequences of murder. They will cling to one another's love and support, but in the end.... all great love stories end tragically."

Don't be fooled. This movie is more horrible that horrific. The people involved seem to have no idea of the meaning of "dramatic tension." The only really tense part comes in the beginning when the unappealing, young couple are in their car, with a flat tire, in the middle of a dark forest. There is a zombie outside, unfortunately, it is a very stupid zombie (even by zombie standards) and can't be bothered to muster a serious attack (though it does manage to infect the main characters). After that the film is mostly the two main characters sitting around talking about how horrible it is to be a zombie. There is one scene of gratuitous (and fundamentally unsatisfying) violence.

My recommendation is that you should never buy this movie. I would only recommend renting it if you have insomnia. My rating is 1 yo-yo. This movie is only useful as a soporific of a coaster.

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Zombie Fan said...

U mst be stipud. Teh movie roxorz!!1!1