Wednesday, June 21, 2006

The Garret Files

Okay, you probably know how much I like omnibuses, and if you've read my other posts, you know that I've liked the other Garrett books I've read. The Garrett Files, by Glen Cook, is no exception. I'm especially pleased with this one because it's the first three books in the series, so now I'm finally filled in on the back story from the other novels.

They novels are fantasy mysteries. While the fantasy elements are important, Garrett hangs out with a lot of non-human types, they don't use the "standard" fantasy plot elements. There are no quests to find the magical thingamajig needed to defeat the evil Lord Whatshisname. There are no valiant knights, though Garrett does like to play the knight errant. Basically, if all the fantasy elements were removed, the books could still stand as mystery.

I'm not particularly into mystery. Don't get me wrong; I've read Arthur Conan Doyle, and I like G. K. Chesterton's mysteries, and I've read a few others. It's just that for years fantasy (and to a lesser extent science fiction) has been my primary reading material. That said these novels were enough to keep me guessing, especially the second one.

I would definitely recommend this book, though I must admit the ending of the third novel was somewhat disappointing. I give The Garrett Files 4.5 yo-yos. Though, if you do buy it, I also recommend joining Zooba or the Science Fiction Book Club so you can save money on the omnibus. Up next, I'm reading Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl.

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