Friday, September 29, 2006

A Great Trilogy

While I haven't reviewed them here, I loved the first two books in Sarah Ash's Tears of Artamon trilogy. I read them back during that year or so when I got lazy and stopped updating the blog. Now I've read book three, Children of the Serpent gate, and I am writing a review.

First off, If you haven't read Lord of Snow and Shadows and Prisoner of the Iron Tower--the first two books in the trilogy--you need to read them first. Even having read them, I was a bit confused as to what was going on in the beginning of the novel (mainly because it's been a few months since I read the books). The first two novels take place directly before this one and are vital to understanding what's going on. That said, you should buy all three books because they are great books.

Children of the Serpent Gate
brings this exciting series to a, largely satisfactory, ending. The ending does seem a bit rushed, but it's still very satisfactory. There is a lot of character development throughout the books, for all the characters. Even some of the characters who start off as villains end up becoming more sympathetic and even heroic. Some of the characters who start off seeming good end up as villains. For people who like their books exciting, this book has lots of action. Unfortunately, there are also a few lose ends that almost seem to be pointing to a sequel (I hope not though, because this was a great ending and I hate it when a series just keeps dragging on).

The series as a whole would get five yo-yos, but Children of the Serpent Gate only gets four and a half, because of the aforementioned loose ends and the somewhat rushed ending.

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