Wednesday, September 27, 2006

I Don't Know Jack

I don't know why, but for some reason I was thinking that All the Rage was F. Paul Wilson's second Repairman Jack book, but it's actually the fourth. Probably because it makes much more sense to have the first and second volumes available for $4.99 than it does to have the first and fourth. It doesn't really make much difference, it's still a great book.

This is a real page turner. If I could have, I would have kept reading all damn day. Unfortunately, I had to go to work and stuff, but I still managed to finish it in about 24 hours, which isn't a bad speed for a 500 page book. It's a superbly paced book.

If you read my review of Infernal, you know that my biggest complaint there was all the references to Repairman Jack's previous books. There aren't anywhere near as many in this one. The Otherness is mentioned, but it actually gets a brief explanation. There are several references to the first book, The Tomb, but I have read it, so they didn't bother me and I think someone who hasn't read it would be bothered either. The Tomb was about these two Indians, and one of them had these demon things called Rakosh (I'm guessing the name is based on the Rakshasa, but I'm no expert on Hindu mythology). Anyway, Jack killed all the Rakosh, except for one, which reappears in this book.

This book is all about a designer drug called Berzerker, which gives you an edge, but if you take too much you literally go berserk. There are corrupt scientists and business men involved in it (and a very scummy drug lord). There's also a very odd freak show run by a guy called Ozymandias Prather. He is a very interesting character, because he is both malevolent to the outside world and very loving towards his freaks. He seems to be very sinister and somewhat evil, yet I can't help thinking that he's not all bad. According to Wilson's introduction, Oz and his show first appeared in an anthology (edited by Wilson) that was called Freak Show. I'll have to try and get a copy to see if I can find out more about this guy.

Anyway, this is a great book. Buy it and the other Repairman Jack books. All the Rage
gets a well deserved five yo-yos.

Five Yo-yos

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