Sunday, March 18, 2012

Bizarro Month Is Coming

I tend to be a bit of a slacker when it comes to reviews. I joined the Bizarro Brigade so I could actually get something out of my reviews: free books. The problem is that even with prizes involved, I've still been slacking off on writing my bizarro reviews.

I realized that I had read six bizarro books and not written reviews on them, so I said to myself, "Why don't you read another of the bizarro books you have and make it a bizarro week on your blog?" Then I looked at the bizarro books on my to read pile and the unread bizarro ebooks on my Kindle, and I discovered that I had 18 of them. Now 6+18=24, and that's nearly a moth's worth of reviews, so I decided to try and get six more inexpensive bizarro ebooks and make it bizarro month.

That's right, from April 1st to 30th, I will be reviewing one bizarro book a day here on this blog (with reviews cross-posted to Amazon and Librarything). All of the books will earn me Bizarro Brigade points, and if my calculations are right, I will have just about enough points by the month's end to get four free bizarro books. This makes me a happy yoyogod.

I won't go into detail on exactly what I'll be reviewing, but I will name some authors and publishers. You will be seein a lot of Andersen Prunty, because I have five of his books. I have four by Jordan Krall, and 3 by Gina Ranali. There are two each by Garrett Cook, William Pauley II, Andrew Goldfarb, and Cameron Pierce. There are also quite a few other people, including Carlton Mellick II, Jeff Burk, and D. Harlan Wilson.  There will be several publishers' books being reviewed as well. I have a few from Eraserhea, Atlatl, Grindhouse, Black Rainbows, Afterbirth, Copeland Valley,and LegumeMan presses.

So stay tuned.

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