Friday, March 09, 2012

Sacrifice by Wrath James White

Sacrifice by Wrath James White is is a pretty darn good horror novel. It's a semi-sequel to his story The Resurrectionist, but you don't really have to have read that one to get this one. I know, because while I have a copy of The Resurrectionist on my TBR pile, I haven't read it yet.

Sacrifice is about a Voodoo priestess named Delilah. She has an evil loa (Voodoo spirit) inside her. It has given her the ability to take away other people's pain.  Unfortunately, she can only hold so much pain before she has to pass it on to someone else. That passing it on has had some unpleasant side effects.

Several children have gone missing and eventually turned up badly dehydrated and nearly comatose. Also, several adults get killed by packs of dogs, cats, rats, insects, and school children. This attracts the attention of the police in the form of Detective John Malloy and his partner Mohammed Rafik.

The book is fairly gory. The story itself is interesting, and I enjoyed the characters themselves. This is one of the few books I've read where I actually feel sympathetic for the villain, because even though Delilah is doing more harm than good, she believes she's helping people. This is a book that's well worth reading.

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