Friday, March 16, 2012

Cemetery Club

 It's time to take a look at another book from LibraryThing's Early reviewers program: Cemetery Club by J G Faherty.

This book, while not actually bad, does have some problems. For one thing, the whole "a bunch of children stopped an ancient evil years ago and now they have to do it again as adults" plot has been done much better by Stephen King in It. That's not to say that no one should ever use that plot again, but if you are going to use it, you should do a better job of it.

For starters, you should avoid using a bunch of horror (and other) cliches. There's the protagonist who was recently released from a mental hospital and is naturally the first suspect when the murders start up again. There's a recent divorcee whose ex is a local big shot and kind of a jerk, who makes thing harder for the heroes.  There's the tough cop who doesn't believe in supernatural stuff and actively acts against the heroes. There's even one of the extremely lame "you didn't actually think you's won" types of endings, where the monster pops up again after it's supposedly been defeated.

While I found all this annoying, the book wasn't too bad once it got going.

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