Thursday, November 09, 2006

The Blood books volume One, by Tanya Huff

As you might recall, I wasn't to impressed with Huff's Wizard of the Grove. I thought her The Blood Books, Volume I was a much better book. First off it doesn't have six chapters of back story shoved in the beginning like Wizard of the Grove did. Also, it's one of those fantasy/mystery type things that I like. Oh yeah, it's an omnibus edition too, and I always like those when they're good.

There's this ex-cop named Vicki who had to leave the force when she got a rare disease that makes her night blind and is destroying her peripheral vision too. She becomes a PI and is hired to find the killer in a series of "vampire" attacks. She gets some help from a real vampire. In the second novel in the book, she and her vampire buddy team up again to investigate the murder of some werewolves.

These books have a very exciting plot, and the characters are (mostly) very believable and generally interesting. The only real exception was the villain in the first novel, who was so unbelievably geeky that he seemed more like a stereotype than a real person. The villain in the second novel was much more believable.

I really liked this, and I'm definitely going to pick up Volumes 2 & 3 next chance I get. I give this one four and a half yo-yos.

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