Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Seer's Digest, by Michael "Mookie" Terracciano

Okay, so I got a copy of Dominic Deegan One and a Half yesterday, aka Seer's Digest. If you read my review of Crystal Clear, you know I've been waiting for this one.

There's no point in going into how great a series I think Dominic Deegan is. If you want to hear about that, read the review of Crystal Clear or the review of the web comic. For now, I'll say that it's a damn great web comic. It's one of the few web comics I read that I'm pretty sure I'll keep reading as long as it's still being written. I can't say the same for the other comics else I've reviewed. Yes, I still read Dr. McNinja and the InqTales stuff, but there's another I've given up on.

I don't even read Sorcery 101 anymore, because the writing (which was never all that great) just keeps going downhill. After the "action" in the last story ended, the Kell Hound spent 15 pages explaining to a newly made werewolf what it's like being a werewolf. 15 pages of people talking with no jokes and the only action being reviving a friendly vampire. whoopdie do. At three pages a week that equals five weeks of not a damn thing happening. She just really needs to work on her pacing, and dialogue, and spelling, and grammar (and stop ranting like a petulant child when someone dares to criticize her).

Anyway, to get back on track, Seer's Digest is great. This contains all the Dominic Deegan stories from the beginning through chapter nine. There's also some neat little filler artwork placed in to fill up what would otherwise be blank spaces. There's a cool afterword by Mookie, and a brief bio of him. The last page tells us that volume two is coming soon, and it can't come soon enough for me. The only real downside to this volume is that since it's self published, you won't find it at Amazon and your local bookstore probably won't have it either. That's not much of a problem since you can order it direct from Mookie for a measly $23. Go on, do it now, because Seer's Digest gets a full five yo-yos.

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