Saturday, August 12, 2006

Are We Clear On This?

Well, I finally received my copy of Crystal Clear: Dominic Deegan Volume One from Amazon.

Dominic Deegan is my favorite web comic, and this book contains its first 100 strips. It runs up until the one where Luna decides to be Dominic's Assistant. We meet several important characters in the book: Dominic, Sparks, Siggy, Luna, Stunt, and Bumper. Really, it's a great book with strips from a truly excellent comic. (For my review of Dominic Deegan, see here.)

I've got to give it 5 yo-yos, but I don't actually recommend buying it. Mookie has created a Dominic Deegan One and a Half with the first nine chapters of Dominic Deegan--this book has the first 3. So far, he's only sold it at OTAKON, but I expect it'll be available from the Seer's Catalogue sometime next month (after Mookie completes his move to Texas).

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