Wednesday, August 23, 2006

It's an Invasion

I know it's been a while since I've posted, but I've been busy. Anyway, I finished Brian Lumley's Necroscope: Invaders (part 1 of the E-Branch Trilogy). While it is a good book, I think it might have been better if I'd read his Vampire World Trilogy first, because Invaders keeps referring to events in the Vampire World trilogy.

Like the previously reviewed Necroscope: The Touch, this story involves a man who has been hit by one of (the now deceased) Harry Keogh's golden darts and who has gained Necroscopic powers from it. In this case, this man is Jake Cutter, a man who has killed several people in the name of vengeance.

In Invaders, Jake and E-Branch are fighting against a vampire out of Starside (the alternate universe vampires originated in). He's called Malinari the Mind, because he has incredible telepathic powers. Two other vampires came with him, and they too have fearsome powers, though we don't actually meet them in this book. Malinari has set up shop in Australia, and it was only through luck they managed to find him.

This is a good book. As much as I liked the character of Harry Keogh, the lame plot devices Lumley used to prevent Keogh from using his full Necroscope powers got old real quick. Jake is still learning how to use them, so he doesn't need plot devices to keep him in check. I'll give Invaders 4.5 yo-yos.

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