Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Can't Touch This!

Well, I finished Brian Lumley's Necroscope: The Touch yesterday. As is usual with Lumley's Necroscope books, I liked it. This one is different than the other ones I've read.

First off, Harry's dead in this one; yes, I know he's dead in the Vampire World and E Branch trilogies too, but I haven't read them yet. In this book, the Necroscope is Scott St. John. Scott's wife died at exactly the same time as Harry Keogh, and he (Scott, I mean) received a metaphysical golden arrow containing a part of Harry's soul. Of course, Scott is so messed up by his wife's death--and he doesn't really believe in his powers anyway--so he doesn't use his new found powers until near the end of the book.

The other major difference between this book and the other Necroscope books is the villains; they aren't vampires this time. Instead, the world is facing imminent destruction at the hands of a trio of insane aliens. All members of their species have the ability to warp flesh with just a touch. Most members of their race used it to heal, but the Mordri Three, as the aliens are called, use it to torture and kill.

The Mordri Three are on a quest to prove the nonexistence of God. Their theory is that since God is good, He would try to stop evil, so they will be as evil as possible, and if God doesn't stop them, He doesn't exist. They show their evil not just through killing and torture, but also by destroying entire planets. So far, they've wiped out three planets and three civilizations, and Earth is next.

Scott isn't alone in his fight. He is aided by a wolf and a good alien--who make up his Three--and by E Branch. There isn't much they can do though, until Scott finally stops screwing around and uses his Necroscope powers. It's pretty obvious why Scott waited so long to use his powers. It's because otherwise the novel would have been a short story.

Sadly enough, despite all their powers, their vast knowledge, and their advanced technology, the aliens seemed no more formidable than the vampires. As much as I like these books, the Necroscope's just too damn strong. With all his powers, he can beat just about anybody with no trouble. Even so, I found this book very entertaining, so I'll give it 5 yo-yos.

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