Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Another Divergence into the World of Web Comics

Since I still haven't finished reading my latest book, I thought I'd take an opportunity to talk about another web comic I like. Once again, I'm talking about a fantasy themed comic. This time it's Sorcery 101 by Kel "Kell Hound" McDonald. While I don't think it's quite as good as Dominic Deegan, I do still like it.

There are a couple of reasons why I don't think it's quite as good. First off, there's the spelling and grammar. While Kel's spelling and grammar has improved, it's still not really all that good. Several of the older strips are just full of misspellings.

There are also a few minor problems with the plotting. Mainly with not knowing when to cut stuff. For instance back at the end of March there was a brief interlude where Seth, one of the vampires, tries to buy a werewolf from another vampire. The scene took several weeks, and really didn't contribute anything to the overall plot as far as I could see.

The main reason I like this is because of the characters. I just think their interesting. The main character is Danny, an apprentice sorcerer/chain smoker/womanizer/blood slave/high school teacher. Then there's his best friend Brad, the werewolf, and his wife Ally, who isn't a werewolf but is a mage, and their daughter Rebecca, who is also a werewolf. Then there's Pat, Danny's sorcery teacher and a vampire. Finally there's Seth, who's a powerful vampire and is the one with a blood bond with Danny.

The current storyline has Danny, Brad, and Seth going to a vampire party to rescue one of Danny's students. The student was bitten by Rebecca and is now a werewolf. He was grabbed by some vamps and is being auctioned off as a slave.

The comic usually updates three times a week, but right now it's being updated five times a week because Kel got $300 in donations last month. If she gets $500 this month, she'll update five days a week again next month. So, why don't you head over there, read the comic, and donate.

While it's no Dominic Deegan, I do like Sorcery 101, so I'll give it 3.5 yo-yos. Next time I'm late with a review, I'll do another web comic, most likely Doctor McNinja or Ganalath the Extraordinary. I also read VG Cats, but since I'm not a big enough geek to get all the video game references, I don't feel qualified to write review of it. If anyone knows of any other web comics they think I'd like, please leave comment.

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