Sunday, July 09, 2006

A bit OT

Well, I still haven't finished Kornwolf, mainly because I got the latest Fortean Times yesterday. I don't particularly feel like doing another web comic review, so I'm going a little off topic today.

A few weeks ago, while reading the news on the FT website, there was a link to an article about a spy blimp. Among the comments, I noticed this little gem (sic throughout):

Is this the same blimp that started 2 illegal wars, cages protestors, forces book outlets like Amazon to stop stocking books like "America Deceived" by E.A. Blayre III and spies on all citizens? No that's not a blimp, it's the people buying the blimp. I'm sure they won't use it in any nefarious way.
Last lnik (before Google Books gets a visit from the blimp):

Despite the fact that the author forgot the link, I was some what intrigued. I Googled EA Blayre and came up with about 85 unique hits. Other than his iUniverse listing, their all comments on blogs and news sites that say practically the same thing. There are some differences in the posts . Some mention an Ernst Zundel. Some claim the book was banned because of scenes featuring Fox News anchorwomen:

Sickening. About Foxnews anchorwomen. There’s a great book called “America Deceived” by E.A. Blayre III that features a demented CIA character who dreams of FoxAnchorwomen and animals. They got it pulled from Amazon and B&N. It’s on Google Books for the stuff about E.D Hill. Fu*k Foxnews

I couldn't help but wonder why the government would ban a book because of sex scenes featuring the women of Fox News. I also couldn't help but wonder why the government could pressure big companies like Amazon into pulling the book, but they couldn't get a vanity press like iUniverse to stop publishing it. The obvious answer is that the government didn't force Amazon to stop carrying the book.

Even though I have no way of know if Amazon ever even carried the book--they do carry a lot of iUniverse books, so they may very well have--I would suspect that if the book was pulled, it wasn't at the instigation of the government. They might have pulled it because they were afraid of getting sued by the anchorwomen in question. I tried to contact Amazon to see if they had anything to say, but their customer service people only gave the singularly unhelpful reply:

I tried to find "America Deceived" by E.A. Blayre III on our web
site for you, but it appears that we do not currently sell this
particular item on

We do expand our selection frequently and want to know what products
you'd like us to offer. You can submit your product suggestions at
this URL:

I've also included some information below that may help you find
what you are looking for from another source.

Thanks for shopping at

As far as the book itself goes, you can browse it online. The writing contains such wonderful pieces of prose as, "The blemish occurred in his hometown Boston when an obnoxious, repugnant, detestable Yankees fan smashed a Budweiser bottle across his face..."

I would quote more, but the book pages are saved as GIFs, which makes quoting a pain in the ass. PDFs would really be much better. Anyway, besides not putting commas around Boston and way overusing adjectives, the writing isn't all that great. I can't help but suspect that all the comments I came across are part of an exceptionally lame publicity stunt by the author. If I'm wrong, please come and leave me a comment Mr. Blayre.

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