Saturday, July 15, 2006

McNinja. . .Dr. McNinja

Well, since I still haven't finished reading any new books, and I don't like going more than two days without a post anymore, it's time for another web comic review. As you can probably guess from the title, I'll be reviewing The Adventures of Dr. McNinja.

Just as the name implies, Dr. McNinja is a doctor and a ninja. According to the comic, Dr. McNinja's ancestors were Irish. One day several centuries ago, their village was attacked by pirates, and Dr. McNinja's ancestors fought them off using frozen shamrocks. This impressed a passing ninja, who trained them in the art of ninjitsu.

Dr. McNinja is, more or less, the black sheep of the family. His parents don't approve of his being a doctor. They'd rather see him kill people than cure them. Not that he doesn't kill people, he just doesn't kill enough people to make mom and dad happy.

He's fought many strange adversaries in his comics: Ronald McDonald, a gang of dinosaur-riding banditos, a muscle guy with an organic jet pack, a giant lumberjack, and the ancestor of the pirate who attacked Dr. McNinja's ancestors' village. He also has some odd friends, including a gorilla receptionist and a Mexican boy with a silly mustache for a sidekick. I know it all sounds rather silly, but that's okay; I like silly.

Now would be an excellent time for anyone to start reading the comic, because a new story will start on Monday. The Adventures of Dr. McNinja is second only to Dominic Deegan on my list of favorite web comics, so I'll give Dr. McNinja 5 yo-yos Hopefully I'll finish my next book soon. It's The Touch, Brian Lumley's's latest Necroscope book (this time with no vampires!).

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