Friday, July 07, 2006

Saving A World

I just finished reading Marion Zimmer Bradley's To save A World. As you probably know, if you've read my older posts, I've read several of the Darkover novels, and usually I like them. I never did post about The Saga of The Renunciates, which I never did finish because I thought that the second story in it, Thendara House, was too boring.

To Save A World is a different matter. I could hardly put this one down. As with most of the other Darkover novels in print, this is an omnibus edition containing The Planet Savers, The World Wreckers and the short story "The Waterfall." Unlike some of the other Darkover omnibuses, these novels both take place in the same time frame and share some of the same characters.

Dr. Jason Allison and Regis Hastur are major characters in both stories. In The Planet Savers, the pair is on an expedition to find a cure for a deadly plague that decimates Darkover's population every few decades. In The World Wreckers, The pair are part of study on telepathy that ultimately saves Darkover from some sort of corporate interests who are undermining the planet's infrastructure so the Darkoverans will be forced to become part of the Terran Empire.

The Planet Savers was the first Darkover novel to see print. As such, this omnibus makes a pretty decent introduction to the Darkover series, so if you haven't read any Darkover novels, buy this one. I give To Save A World 5 yo-yos.

Up next, I'm reading something slightly different, Kornwolf: A Novel by Tristan Egolf. It isn't marketed as fantasy, but since it's about a werewolf, I thought it would be worth a try. I got it because a local newspaper mentioned that it was about a werewolf in Amish country and that the author had lived in Lancaster, PA. So, I thought that a locally written book set in my neck of the woods with a werewolf, cool! Anyway, have fun and read, everybody.

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