Friday, November 03, 2006

The Haunted Air, by F. Paul Wilson

Another day, another Repairman Jack novel. I just love these things. Repairman Jack is one of my favorite characters in all of fiction. He reminds me of The Equalizer or The A-Team, only he never works for free (unless his girlfriend Gia asks him too). Any bad guys who get in his way are dead meat.

In The Haunted Air, Jack is hired to help a couple of phony mediums out of a jam. The problem is, their house is haunted by the ghost of a murdered girl, and that ghost has plans for Gia. There's lots of action, lots of violence, and lots of supernatural stuff. Oh yeah, and there's a guy who's either over two hundred years old or a loony--the book doesn't specify, but I'm going with loony.

This is a cool book. If you're a fan of Repairman Jack, you should read it. If you're not a fan of Repairman Jack, buy one of those $4.99 copies of The Tomb, and you probably will be (then you can read this one, or read it first I don't care). Anyway, I love the Repairman Jack books, so I give The Haunted Air five yo-yos.

Oh yeah, I received a copy of Tom Smith's The Last Hero on Earth. I'll probably have a review of it up later tonight or sometime tomorrow.

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