Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Dragons x4

I actually did manage to finish Marjorie Kellogg's The Dragon Quartet: Volume 1. It is an omnibus edition containing The Book of Earth and The Book of Water. While I do think Earth was slow to start, once it got going it kept me hooked, and Water had me hooked throughout.

Dragons are common as mud in fantasy, but these aren't exactly typical dragons. They are cosmic forces that helped create the Earth. They've been slumbering for millenia, and now they're waking up. They've been summoned by an unknown person for some important task. They don't know exactly what it is, though.

My only real complaint with this volume is the slow opening. In Earth, we meet Erde, a young noblewoman. We learn that her father is a weakling and probably a closet perv. then an evil priest shows up and starts burning witches left and right. Erde is forced to flee and meets up with the dragon Earth. Until the girl and the dragon meet up, I thought it was very boring. Afterwards, it was exciting.

This is a good volume. I'd definitely recommend this, and I'll be looking for volume 2 in the near future. I give The Dragon Quartet: Volume 1 four yo-yos.

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