Wednesday, October 04, 2006


I had another quick read yesterday: a. Lee Martinez's Gil's All Fright Diner. It's a strange little books with a vampire, a werewolf, some ghosts, some ghouls, some zombies, the Necronomicon, and a horny teenager.

It's a pretty darn good book. There were several places where I actually laughed out loud while reading it--usually that only happens with Wodehouse, Pratchett, and Adams. I thought having the villain be a teenage witch who manipulates people with sex appeal as much as magic was a very good (and funny) idea. The two main characters, Duke (the werewolf) and Earl (the vampire), are very interesting characters, though I find their almost constant bickering somewhat grating. Also, I think that use of the Necronomicon, even in a comedy like this, is getting way too cliched. Still, this is a very good book.

While I don't think this is quite as good as say Terry Pratchett's Discworld, it's pretty damn good. If you like comic fantasy (or horror, you should read this. I give Gil's All Fright Diner four yo-yos.

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