Monday, October 16, 2006

If Repairman Jack Is Out To Get You Is It Still Paranoia

Well, I have now finished reading Conspiracies, the third Repairman Jack novel. I love the Repairman Jack books.

In this volume, Jack enters the world of conspiracy theories to find a missing woman. He has his first encounter with Rasalom, the evil entity from The Keep who is the Otherness's servant on Earth. This is also the first mention of the Otherness in the Repairman Jack books.

It's a very exciting story, but I thought it started a little slowly. The real action doesn't start until Jack gets to the conspiracy convention, about 100 pages into the book. This is because Wilson spends a lot of time introducing Jack (and his readers) to the ideas of conspiracy theories. I think this is a little unnecessary. These days, conspiracy theories have become pretty mainstream. Just about everybody knows that there are people who believe that Oswald didn't kill JFK, the moon landing was a hoax, and that Al Qaeda wasn't responsible for 9/11. Or maybe that's just me. It might be that being a regular reader of Fortean Times has made me more aware of that sort of thing.

Anyway, this is a great book in any case. It's got lots of action and weirdness. I give it four and a half yo-yos.

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