Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Jumping Jacks

It's repairman Jack time again. This time I've read Crisscross, which is the eight novel in the series.

You might wonder why I'm skipping around so much in the series. I mean, I read #1 years ago, then I read #9 last month, then #4, and now #8. It's simple; My local Borders sucks. They don't have #2-3 of the series in stock, so since I can't read them in order, I just decided to skip around. That's pretty much the same reason why I haven't read Lumley's Vampire World trilogy yet--all they have is volumes two and three.

Anyway, the book itself is great. There's a blackmailed nun. There's a sinister cult. There's the Otherness. There's Jack. There's lots of action and a very fast pace. It has everything needed for a great Repairman jack adventure. As usual for F. Paul Wilson's stuff, I give this one a hight rating: five yo-yos.

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