Sunday, October 15, 2006

Repairman Jack Wears Amazon Shorts

I decided to shell out 49¢ for a short story from amazon. It seemed like a pretty good idea, especially since I started out with F. Paul Wilson's The Long Way Home: A Repairman Jack Story. I was slightly wary, because it did get some pretty mixed ratings.

They aren't totally undeserved either. As just about every review on Amazon pointed out, their are some continuity problems; Jack is somehow simultaneously wearing "work boots" and "sneakers." I know the story first appeared in a book called Dark At Heart, but I have no idea if these errors were in that volume too, or if they cropped up as the story was transferred to digital form.

The story is pretty interesting. We see Jack as the very moral man he is. He risks his life, and possibly his freedom, to what's right and help a wounded police officer. We also get to see what happens when Jack finally gets arrested. This is a way cool story. I give it four yo-yos, and I'd have given it five if it wasn't for that whole work boots/sneakers thing--and confusing bawling (crying) and balling (having sex with) at one point.

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