Friday, October 20, 2006

We're Off To See A Wizard...

I've finally started reading Jim Butcher's Dresden Files books, mainly so I can complain about how SciFi butchered it when their TV version premiers :) Anyway, I got an omnibus edition called Wizard for Hire from Zooba. It contains the first three books.

These books tell the story of Harry Dresden, Chicago's only practicing wizard. He tends to get into trouble with the white council, wizardry's ruling body. He helps the police solve supernatural crime. He has a nosy reporter for a girlfriend. What's not to like?

I'm glad I finally read them, because these are some good novels. My favorite in the omnibus is Grave Peril, which is book number three. There, we meet Michael, a knight, and we get to see Harry kick some major vampiric butt. Oh yeah, and there's a killer ghost too.

Volumes one and two, Storm Front and Fool Moon, were pretty good too. I didn't enjoy Storm Front quite as much as the others, because I found Morgan, Harry's wizardly parole officer, to be so annoyingly stupid. It was still a good novel.

Really, if you haven't read these books yet, do it now. I give Wizard For Hire five yo-yos.

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Matt said...

I tried reading the Dresden files recently and after the first book I was intrigued enough to get the second and third. Unfortunately, the second one seemed remarkably slow and I just couldn't get too involved. Hopefully I can get through it because the third book does sound more exciting.