Monday, April 30, 2012

Bizaro Fiction Month Bonus: All Monster Action!

Originally, there were only going to be thirty reviews for Bizarro Fiction Month, well plus the extra mini reviews from day one. Then about midway through the month, I got emailed a review copy of a new book. When I read it, I loved it so much, I knew I'd have to make a bonus post so I could include it. The book in question is Cody Goodfellow's All-Monster Action!

Seriously, this book was freaking awesome. the bulk of the book is about kaiju, which--for those unfamiliar with the term--is the name for those giant monsters that destroy Tokyo in Japanese monster movies. This longer story was preceded by four short stories, and I might as well talk about them first.

First up was a little World War II story called "Doorway to the Sky." It's about a group of soldiers who are stationed on an Island in the Pacific. Also on the Island is a group of natives who are members of a cargo cult. The natives make their own radio that somehow summons a very strange visitor. This story was great.

The second story was "Venus of Santa Cruz." This is basically about a male cop who starts to have sex with a giant, female-shaped fungus. It's a very strange story, and was also pretty good.

The third story is "Wage of the Dinosaurs." This story is about an unhappy young man who works in a dispensary that helps unpleasant, rich, old  women relive their memories. One day, he gets fed up and hocks a loogie into the mix for an extremely unpleasant woman. This makes things go chaotic. This was a great story.

The final short was "The Care & Feeding of Sea Monkies." This was about a man who decided he wanted to get it on with a species of gigantic krill. This was a good story too.

The main story, "All Monster Action!," is, as I said,  about kaiju. This story is divided into three parts, and It's set in a world much like our own, only where scientists have figured out how to create kaiju. One of these scientists is the evil Dr. Otaku, who, in part one,  creates a monster for North Korea and sends it to attack the USA. America has its own kaiju defender, Steve, who tries to fight it off. In part two, Steve's replacement, IKE, leads an assault on Dr. Otaku's island lair. In the final part, the Earth's cities have become rampaging kaiju intent on destroying the planet, and flying saucers are attacking.

This story was just awesome. What a great story.

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