Monday, April 23, 2012

Bizarro Fiction Month Day 23: Fuckness

This is day 23 of Bizarro Fiction Month, and once again I review a book by Andersen Prunty:  Fuckness. This is a story that I found kind of disturbing, yet enthralling. At one point I half expected the protagonist to turn out to be one of those kids who goes on a shooting spree at school, because his life is just that bad and everyone is just horrible to him.

It's all about his sixteen year old called Wally Black. His life pretty much sucks. He's been held back in school for two years. Despite being the oldest kid in his class and fairly large, he is bullied pretty badly by pretty much everyone in his class. His teacher hates him and takes any opportunity to punish and belittle him. His parents are sadistic and abusive. One day after being badly beaten by a classmate and sent home from school early for it, Wally's parents punish him by beating him unconscious and affixing a pair of horns to his head.

From there, things get fairly gruesome and strange. Willy kills a lot of people in revenge for various slights and abuses. He meets quite a few strange people. The ending somehow feels both happy and sad.

While I enjoyed this book, I don't think it's the sort of thing everyone would enjoy.

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