Sunday, April 22, 2012

Bizarro Fiction Month Day 22: Fistful of Feet

This is day 22 of my Bizarro Fiction Month, and it's time for another review.

From what I've read of Jordan Krall's books, Fistful of Feet is my favorite. It's a bizarro western, and I have to admit to a fondness for weird sorts of westerns.This book once again shows Krall's odd fascination with squids, and there is plenty of cool weirdness weirdness.

The book is about a guy named Calamari, oops I mean Calamaro, who drags his wooden donkey into the town of Screwhorse. It's a town famous for its brothel, which specializes in various fetishes: burping, foot fetishes, and stuff like that. As seems to be standard in these sorts of tales, Calamaro quickly gets into trouble with some thugs who work for the local bad guy. This all leads to bunch of  violence.There are explosions and gore and strange Indians.

This was a great story. There's a lot of action. There's some romance. There are interesting characters. There's weirdness. There's sex. This was a really good book.

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