Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Bizarro Fiction Month Day 10: King Scratch

It's Day 10 of Bizarro Fiction Month, and I've decided it's time to go back and review another of the books by one of my repeat authors, Jordan Krall.

Have you ever read a book, and when you finished it you had absolutely no idea what the heck it was about? I have, and that book is Jordan Krall's King Scratch. OK, I didn't have absolutely no idea. It was about a man whose ex-wife hired another guy to kill him. The problem is that all the other stuff that happened made no sense as far as I could see.

I would have to say that the whole plot seems to revolve around squids, Abraham Lincoln, moonshine, and pancakes. I'm not really sure how it all fits together, but I found it weird and enjoyable, if confusing.

What I find really odd though, is that despite the fact that I found the book extremely confusing, I still enjoyed it. I don't think that this is unexpected, considering that one of the "appendices" includes the line, "I've read this book five, maybe six times and I still don't understand the ending."

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