Thursday, April 19, 2012

Bizarro Fiction Month Day 19: Dinner Bell For The Dream Worms

 For day 19 of Bizarro Fiction Month, I'm reviewing  Jason Wuchenich's Dinner Bell for the Dream Worms. It's a collection of two short novellas (or possibly long short stories, I'm not sure where the cutoff between the two is). It's also the most disgusting thing I've read in a while, or possibly ever.

The First story is "Stinky Incubus." It's about an incubus who can only manifest when he farts, which makes him stinky. Also, he eats fecal matter. It's very gross. It's also a touching love story. As long as you aren't the sort to puke easily, this is a good story.

The second story is "Skank Clusters." It's not quite as gross as the first story, but is still kind of disturbing. In the future, a company has invented a fruit called Skank Clusters, which are little clusters of skanks.  Unfortunately, it turns out that they're rather addictive, and eating them will turn you into a skank.

Both of these stories were cool, even though one was very gross. This is definitely worth reading as long as you don't mind being nauseated.

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