Saturday, April 14, 2012

Bizarro Fiction Month Day 14: Muscle Memory

I'm now at day 14, of Bizarro Fiction Month and I've decided to review the other New Bizarro Authors Series book that I have scheduled.

Steve Lowe's Muscle Memory is a bizarro version of the fairly standard body swap story. I know I've seen the basic concept done before about one billion times.  This story puts an interesting bit of a bizarro spin on it.

In this version, the population  an entire town has its bodies switched with whatever being they were closest to when the switching occurred. There are a lot of husbands and wives switching places, a cat and a dog, and a man and a sheep (resulting in the inevitable bestiality jokes). There's even a scene with a husband who swapped bodies with a babysitter he was cheating on his wife with, and who is now being chased by both his angry wife and the girl's father.

The story is entertaining and funny, but way to short; I think I managed to finish it in about an hour. It just felt like the ending was really not much of an ending at all, and that there must be more story. While the ebook is very reasonably priced, this feels more like half a story than a whole story, so I really can't recommend it as highly as I'd like.

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