Monday, April 02, 2012

Bizarro Fiction Month Day 2: Piecemeal June

It's day 2 of Bizarro Fiction month here on my blog, and I've decided to continue by doing reviews of books by the authors who will be here repeatedly this month. I'm starting with Jordan Krall, whose books King Scratch, Squid Pulp Blues, and Fistful of Feet will be coming up in later weeks. The first book of his i read was Piecemeal June, so that's where I'll start.

This is has quite a bit of sex in it. The plot is about a loser named Kevin who lives over a porn shop. Everyday Kevin's cat brings him a piece of a body. Instead of being the result of a grisly murder of some sort, they are in fact the parts to a living sex doll named June.

June was made for this god/king sort of guy in another dimension where people can be taken apart and put back together in odd ways for various sexual purposes. The god king guy wants June back, because he is in love with the porn star she was modeled after.  Unfortunately, Kevin and June have fallen in love. The god/king guy has some crab monsters and evil pornographers at his disposal, and he tries to use them to regain his lost love.  There's also a washed-up boxer involved, as well. It's all just too strange to explain.

As you can probably guess from this, there is a lot of sex and gore in this book. A lot of the sex is weird sex, too. Still this is a good book if you aren't too prudish.

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