Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Bizarro Fiction Month Day 3: Jack & Mr. Grin

 It's day three of bizarro fiction month here on my blog. This means it's time to look at a book by another author whse books you'll be seeing here repeatedly this month: Andersen Prunty. I downloaded quite a few of his books back in December when I first got my Kindle, mostly because they were all on sale for only 99¢ at the time. Unfortunately, I downloaded a lot of styff at the time, and dnever got around to reading them, until now. Later on in the month, there will be reviews for The Beard, The Overwhelming Urge, Fuckness, and Slag Attack. For now though, I'm starting off with Jack and Mr. Grin.

This is probably the least bizarre bizarro story I've read so far. The bizzaro sort of stuff doesn't start happening until the ending, and if it wasn't for this, the book could easily be read as a horror novel, or maybe even a thriller. It's the story of a guy named Jack. Jack is living with a girl named Gina, and is planning to propose to her. Unfortunately, a mysterious person who Jack calls Mr. Grin kidnaps Gina. Then he calls Jack up and threatens to kill her if Jack can't find them in 24 hours.

So far it sounds very thriller-ish, yes? Soon it veers into horror territory, because anyone Jack comes into contact with is marked with a strange brand that causes them to hate his guts and, in extreme cases, try to kill him.

The story doesn't really start getting bizarre until Jack figures out where Gina has been taken and who (and what) has taken her. Since I don't want to spoiler it, I won't get into it, but I will say that it does get weird.

I do think that this is a pretty good story, and the ultimate identity of Mr. Grin kept me guessing.

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