Sunday, April 15, 2012

Bizarro Fiction Month Day 15: Slime Night!

Ah, young love! It has inspired great works such as Romeo and Juliet, and it's inspired pieces of crap like Twilight. It is also the subject of  Slime Night!, by William Pauley III, which is  my review for day 15 of Bizarro Fiction Month.

This is a very short and strange tale of young love (or lust). It is the tale of two high school students who are in love with the class slut. They are the only two guys in the school, and possible the town, that she hasn't had sex with yet. They decide to play a strange game of competitive pinball for her "love," not that she knows anything about the game. The pinball machines the use are called Slime Night! and have an odd feature called "gushers," which when triggered cause the pinball machine to become covered in slime. That's pretty much the only really bizarro thing about the story. The rest of it can be attributed to standard adolescent male stupidity, and remember, I am speaking as a former adolescent male.

It's a good story, and well worth the low price for the ebook edition.

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