Sunday, April 29, 2012

Bizarro Fiction Month Day 29: Squid Pulp Blues

It's day 29. The month is almost over. I think it's time for my final Jordan Krall review.

Squid Pulp Blues is a collection of three linked novellas (and a bonus short story in the Kindle version). The stories are all set in Thompson New Jersey.  They all involve criminals, and the characters from one story generally appear in the next. Being Jordan Krall stories, they involve squids. Also, I noticed links to both Fistful of Feet and King Scratch, which were published later (though I read them first).

The first story is "The Haberdasher." It's about a recent parolee who  meets up with some of his criminal friends, and ends up in trouble with another criminal nicknamed the Haberdasher. There's also stuff about squid based drugs and a woman who gets her feet cut off. Strange.

Number two is "The Longheads." This one is about two criminals who get chased around by an old enemy called Peachy Keen. There are also longheads, who are war veterans who have come back from some war with elongated heads and mental instability.

Number three is "The Apocalypse Donkey," which is about a comic book writer who gets into trouble with a criminal who accidentally gives him an envelope that was meant for someone else. There's also a meth head and a strange donkey.

The bonus story is called "Billy Roanoke." It seemed to be a very short, weird story about revenge.

Overall, the stories were weird and disgusting and made little sense. This makes it cool.

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